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Journeying Together: The Transformative Power of a Spiritual Director

Importance of the take a look at of Spirituality-Study of Spiritual technology is necessary to assist us understand the significance of why we need to do spiritual exercise. Only while the intellect is convinced approximately the significance of practising Spirituality can we make concerted efforts to do spiritual exercise often.

What must we look at?

Ideally the books we examine must supply clear instructions on the way ahead in religious practice. The guidance given within the books have to agree to the six simple standards of spirituality.
From the angle of analyzing non spiritual director  secular texts for our religious increase,Guest Posting we need to preferably study literature written via Saints or Guru. There is 100% Divine Consciousness in texts written by means of Saints of the very best order as compared to 0-2% in case of religious texts written by different authors of decrease non secular level. Thus by means of reading spiritual books by way of authors of decrease spiritual degree, on the most we can attain some understanding on the highbrow stage. But when reading religious texts written by means of Saints, even if analyzing we get Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya), that is the objective at the back of doing religious exercise.

When studying Holy texts we must take care now not to restrict our know-how to a myopic sectarian standpoint. We ought to try to reconcile it with the all encompassing technological know-how of Spirituality.
When reading Holy Scriptures we must take into account that there’s an implied which means to the text. It is important that we apprehend the implied which means and placed it into practice. Else irrespective of how many hundreds of periodic readings of Holy Scriptures we undertake it has little benefit with regards to our non secular increase.
How should we take a look at?

We should begin by means of studying the preface of the religious text

that allows you to understand the writer’s or compiler’s goal at the back of placing collectively the text. This would additionally assist us in knowledge the context in which the writer or the compiler is explaining spiritual ideas.
We need to ask ourselves questions at every step to test whether we’ve got understood each line of the textual content. If we aren’t clear on any point, then we have to get it clarified from our spiritual guide or the conductor of the satsang (non secular assembly) we attend.

Once a specific phase of the textual content is clear, we must give an explanation for it to a person in our own phrases. Explaining a concept to any other individual and inspiring him to ask questions is a great manner to know how properly we’ve got understood the unique idea.

We must test whether we’ve experienced at any time what we’re analyzing and ask our self that if no longer, then why not. If we’ve no longer experienced a sure Truth inside the Holy text it method that we want to do greater religious exercise.
Five. We ought to make precise plans to position into exercise what is thought and evaluation every so often whether or not we are experiencing the symptoms of expected progress.

We must observe the identical text from time to time. This is due to the fact with increase in non secular stage the potential to recognize the textual content, the ability to put it into exercise, etc., will increase.
How lengthy have to we have a look at?

Seekers inside the number one degree: In this degree, we need to examine ‘only for the sake of reading’, this is, with a purpose to expand some belief in Spirituality and its practice. We should study those Holy texts which have minimum or no discrepancy between the literal and implied meaning.

Later on, whilst we begin to get religious stories after practicing Spirituality, this studying proves beneficial for their affirmation. For example, if we revel in the perfume of an incense stick without an incense stick being lit, we neither experience amazed nor ponder over it, if we’ve got already read about it and comprehend that it’s far a non secular revel in.

Seekers inside the intermediate degree: In this level reading isn’t always as critical as we now believe in Spirituality.

Most importantly
If we do not adopt spiritual exercise simultaneously with observe, then there is a danger of now not making non secular development because of the conceitedness received due to voraci