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Glamping On Your Next List Of Getaways

Glamping locations vary significantly depending on what type of relaxation or adventure you want to do. There are ones that contain many activities that you can do in one spot, or you can just relax and look at a picturesque view and just enjoy the peaceful feel of it. This article will help you pick what type of glamping spot you want and that fits your type of relaxation.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping or also known as the glammed-up version of camping where you can have a warm and nice cozy feel in a hotel and just relax. This became a modern take when it comes to the known camping where people go to the woods or parks to camp outside, and set bonfire or some sort and go do survival tactics. This one focuses on staying outdoors but not specifically outside but not your home type of vibe. Those for those who have a budget and just want to feel that they’re in another place to relax and don’t need to take care of chores. 

Why Makes Glamping Popular?

The following is a summary of the information provided. This is a trip that is solely for relaxation. May it be with family or just yourself. This is to make you feel free from stress without worrying about hassle and exhaustion from the real camping activities that are known by everyone.

If you’re looking for an outstanding glamping experience in Ontario, here are some possibilities that would make anyone feel like royalty:

Niagara farm tours – this tour takes you up to a good picturesque view experienced because this can provide a special opportunity for you to experience some. This is considered, Ontario’s most breathtaking scenery that you can see and experience up close and personal. You’ll be able to see what life was like for early settlers in Canada, as well as learn about the many different sorts of farming practices that are still employed today so if you’re searching for a glamping trip in Ontario, Niagara is the place to go. This can give you that relaxation and also a good place to stay for a while. The ideal option that you can pick to experience luxury camping is called yurt camping. Yurts are considered eco-friendly and offer an intimate setting that you can enjoy as a couple, with family, and friends. Or even just yourself.

Eco-friendly Camping – these yurts take an amount of money for you to experience the cozy feel but the experience is well worth it so it is worth spending money on. As mentioned above, this will make you experience the ambiance of camping and can also give you a good meditation while staying in an eco-friendly environment so if you’re into this type of adventure, you must check it out. These Yurt rentals are an excellent way to get a taste of the great outdoors while also being accessible in Ontario. Yurts are cozy, roomy, and environmentally friendly, making them a good spot for a glamping escapade that you’ve been dreaming of.

Yurt vacations – Yurt vacations can also be good for those who want to travel to them, you may have all the conveniences of home when you’re inside a yurt and can also give that outdoor feel. These yurts are made from recycled materials and are also made to be aesthetically pleasing for picture taking and such. Yurts are also fantastic for anyone who prefer a more private atmosphere than public cottages which sometimes ruin the feel. A modern twist on the traditional yurt is yurt glamping so take note that even if it is modernized, it will still adapt to the traditional roots of the yurt itself while modernizing it with the materials and design without ruining its real purpose.

Farm-Based Yurts – One of its unique features also the farms that offer accommodations like yurts that are equipped with all the luxuries of home while clinging to the traditional farm feel. It’s also eco-friendly and can sometimes contain animals that can make a good atmosphere If you’re into farm animals. With all these facts, rest assured that this will be your one-stop dream relaxation spot.

Five Glamping Destinations That’s Considered Unique In Ontario, Canada.

  1. Riverside Oasis Farm

This tourist spot is located at the heart of Niagara, Ontario, and this is considered one of the most stunning and distinctive places to stay. This family-run farm is known in the business for almost 100 years, and this gives them a good reputation right off the bat because of the experience that they have. This gives visitors the chance to learn about traditional farming methods that they can enjoy, and they can also have a good experience of the rivers and landscapes that they have. 

  1. Canopy Geodesic Dome Tenting Resort

The Canopy Geodesic Dome Tenting Resort in central Ontario is surrounded by forest which gives that camping feel while staying in a cottage. This gives visitors the chance to enjoy glamping while still having a modern feel. The resort offers a wide range of activities like pools where you can freshen up, a sauna where you can relax, restaurants to fill your tummy, and a bar where you can party if you have time to spare.

  1. Country Cabin on the Creek

The town of Minden, Ontario is where the Country Cabin on the Creek is located and it is known to behave these iconic cottages This glamping destination is good,, especially for your couple looking to enjoy some time away from reality. There are commodities like hot tubs for couples that will give an intimate vibe while glamping.

  1. Rusty Jade Ranch

Haliburton, Ontario is the home of Rusty Jade Ranch. This ranch can accommodate up to 16 persons which is good for family glamping-style yurts and activities. Swimming, hiking, and horseback riding are the most famous functions that this ranch can offer to its guests. Also, there are many more activities that you can do and you can search through their website

  1. Tiny House in the Big Woods

Amazing accommodations can be found at Little Home in the Big Woods. This little house, which is situated in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, has an open layout and a homey atmosphere which is why it is famous for those who just want alone time. With its lofted bed and full kitchenette, the cabin has enough room for two people, this can also be a good spot for those couples who want peace and intimate time together. The couple can enjoy the relaxing vibe while eating breakfast or dinner on the veranda of the little house. There are plenty of chances to explore this lovely region while staying at Tiny House in the Big Woods because its location can accommodate various hiking trails if you’re into adventure and proximity to Lake Opeongo, where you can do fishing, canoeing, and swimming.


this is how glamping slowly got popularized. With this post, motivation will be your next step to discover new glamping locations in Ontario or even in other countries. Many locations accommodate this kind of activity to take note that research will always be your friend. Make sure that you take time to find reviews for each spot so you know what type of commodities and how well is their service so you can fully enjoy your stay. Also, if you’re finding a neighborhood where you can go glamping but on your property, you can check for more next level neighborhoods in store for you